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You can see more images of our residents having fun on our Facebook page

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Dance Party, Massage, and Pin Bowling

We give our residents as much opportunity as we can to get up and get moving. Movement is a powerful therapy.


Read-to-Me, Theme Time, Remembrances

These activities help to keep our residents minds active and to reconnect with the story of their lives.


Bingo, Curated TV, Karaoke

Some activities are just for fun! Bonanza, Gilligan's Island, and other sitcoms from the '60's and '70's bring almost as much joy as when they first aired. Karaoke is one of the most raucous and hilarious activities at Union House.


Coloring, Arts-and Crafts, Drawing

Creativity is so important to many of our residents. Regardless of their abilities or challenges, our residents have access to live music, painting, drawing, and creative crafts.

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